I currently have a client (my wife), who's shot a big bunch of dance training videos (currently about 75 so far.. around 300 more to go).

All videos have been shot in full HD, so we want to display them at a high resolution too (not a pixelated thumbnail).

Each video is around 4-6 minutes long (so about 35Mb file size after editing).

She's editing them all on a Mac, using iMovie 11 (and doesn't really want to spend on any other editing package).

She wants to sell a daily/weekly/monthly membership subscription to access the videos (much like many porn sites out there). So this is most likely going to be managed via 'OpenCrypt'.

She doesn't want the videos easily grabbed (although I appreciate that if you can view it, you can copy it with various bits of software).. mainly though, she doesn't want people to glimpse the source code and then make local copies of the videos themselves, without paying the subscription (so ideally we're looking for a type of streaming system).

I have a reseller server, with essentially unlimited hosting/bandwidth (certainly big enough for the secure member's traffic she'll be getting, initially at least), so want it hosted by myself rather than elsewhere.

The most effective way for her to be able to share these videos from a usability point of view, is with a WordPress blog (that way each video can be linked by categories, tags, etc. and comments added beneath).

However, we want the videos to be viewable on all the major browser platforms, including the increasingly popular iPad and iPhone (as many of her students have requested this compatibility).

It does need to be easy for her to do (she's a fast learner, but has a lot of videos to work through, so we're not looking for a complex solution).

Therefore.. flash doesn't seem to be appropriate, Vimeo is not for commercial use, YouTube doesn't seem to have these restriction options (only streamable to an external website secure area), and most of my other searches seem to bring up other challenges.

The best solution at the moment seems to be VideoJS, with an HTML5 player, and then multiple versions of the same video, saved on the server...

So can anyone make a better suggestion?