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Thread: DIV layer difficulties

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    Talking DIV layer difficulties


    I was just wondering if anyone of you have an idea why my site http://ingeborgh.com is not behvaing the same in IE as in Safari/Opera/Firefox. ONE (only 1) of my DIV layers are out of place ('the tabs') are pushed to far to the right. Does it have anything to do with that I'm not HTML validated? The DIVs should work anyways, or not?

    I appreciate a rapid answer, I assume it's something that I should've figured out hours ago, but I haven't - thus I seek your knowledge.

    Thank you so much in advance .

    Greetings from novice HTML coder in training.

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    All the values which show size , position, margins, padding, etc. must have measurement units. Usually px. In fact what you see in IE is what you have made, as IE takes the px as the default measurement unit. Not the other browsers.

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