Dear All,

I need to compress and merge multiple JavaScript files (in a particular folder) to a single file using Shrinksafe. I'm able to merge the files to a single one using the below command.

java -jar shrinksafe.jar *.js > testMin.js

The problem with this is that, it does not put all the script in a single line. It just removes the comments.

Also I need to achieve the same task using ant build script.

I tried the below approach

	<target name="compress-js">
		<echo message="Starting JS compress Build"/>			
		<java fork="true" dir="${shrinksafe.util.path}/buildscripts" classname="">
			 <arg value="build.js"/>
			 <arg line="releaseDir=../../../../../../StaticFiles/acb profile=acb_js action=clean,release *.js > acb.js" />
			   <pathelement location="${shrinksafe.util.path}/shrinksafe/js.jar"/>
			   <pathelement location="${shrinksafe.util.path}/shrinksafe/shrinksafe.jar"/>
			   <pathelement path="${java.class.path}"/>
	   <echo message="js build successfull." />
I'm not sure if I can achieve my requirement using the above script. The is the dojo profile that I'm using.

    //Below code is from acb-js.profile.js file.
        dependencies = {
        		layers: [	   
        				name: "../gp-js.js",
        				dependencies: [
        		prefixes: [
        		  ["scripts", "../../StaticFiles/acb/homepage"]
My JavaScript files are inside `StaticFiles/acb/homepage` folder.

Please help me.Thanks in advance. Any help will be greatly appreciated.