I'm more of a flash guy, but am trying to switch over and see what I can do with HTML5 and JavaScript.

Could someone help me put this idea into code.

I want a video to stop (or pause) at certain times, after the user plays it.

After the pause a mini quiz will pop up asking a question. (These are tutorial videos so the quizzes will ask questions about the topic at hand)

If the user answers correct an alert window will pop up saying correct, and the video will continue, if the user answers wrong an alert box displaying a hint will be shown, and the user will be given another chance.

The quizzes are going to made using the JQuery UI dialogues and draggables.

Could someone give a good place to start, any help is appreciated

I assume I need event listeners that start the video at point a and stop it at point b.

(I will be using the Video.JS HTML Video Player)