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Thread: Character Counter OnLoad

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    Character Counter OnLoad

    How can I make my character counter display how many characters are left on page load. Right now it only displayed the number of characters left when I user keysup, keysdown or onblurs.

    var companydo = document.getElementById('cscompanydo');

    function validate_companydo_field_length() {
    var len = companydo.value.length;
    var mc = 2000;
    if (len > mc) {
    companydo.value = companydo.value.substring(0,mc);
    len = mc;
    document.getElementById('doremaining').innerHTML = mc - len;

    companydo.onkeyup = validate_companydo_field_length;
    companydo.onkeydown = validate_companydo_field_length;
    companydo.onblur = validate_companydo_field_length;

    <textarea class="medium mediumwidth man" id="cscompanydo" name="companydo" rows="" cols=""><?php echo $answer['companydo']; ?></textarea>
    <div class="f_right mts mrs"><span id="doremaining" class="mrs">2000</span>characters remaining</div>

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    If you are asking about a progress bar to display how long until load is finished,
    I don't believe JS can acquire this information.

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