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Thread: Add PayPal button (form) to xml page

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    Add PayPal button (form) to xml page


    I bought an xml/flash template which is cool cept I can't add the PayPal buttons to my gallery page. This is the a sample xml code:

    <h1>Crónú(dusk)- <b>$199</b> </h1><p>24x24 Oil on canvas - <a href="" target="_blank">Buy with Pay Pal</a></p>

    I've had to simply add a link to a separate html page where I CAN add the Pay Pal button. Is there some way to add the form btn into my xml gallery page.

    Its a pain in the @ss having to create a HTML page just for the items I'm selling when I'm sure it can all happily exist in the same flash template.

    Any ideas??? I'm not a developer so I'll need it broken down..a lot!!!

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    AFAIK, you can't embed Paypal buttons inside flash. Paypal buttons use the <form> element, which flash doesn't support. The <b> and <a> tags used in the example you gave CAN be used in flash, so these would display correctly (Bold text and a link).

    Flash does allow you to create forms, but you're using a template, so that would require hiring someone to modify the original template or contacting the creators.

    Also, secure Paypal buttons use javascript, making it impossible to put them inside a flash file.

    The first step: contact the people you bought the template from and ask if it's possible. They understand the template best, and should be willing to help.

    If that doesn't work, the simplest solution would be to direct ALL your "Buy with Paypal" links to one page: yoursite.com/buy.php?item=XXXX
    where XXXX would be the item number. buy.php would then show the correct paypal button. This is similar to creating multiple pages for each button, but slightly more elegant.
    I think it's even possible, with a bit more coding, to have buy.php AUTOMATICALLY redirect to the appropriate paypal page (which would then achieve the same effect as having paypal buttons directly inside the flash).

    Since this is a template, there are a LOT of restrictions, and contacting the author/company would be best.

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