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Thread: Issue with Shopping Cart and Template

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    Arrow Issue with Shopping Cart and Template

    Recently we just applied a menu template to every page on our website http://www.flagsexpress.com
    We just realized that the "View Cart" link at the top of our template menu (its at the upper right hand side of every page on our website) is not working. The browser displays this:
    // INPUT: the description of an item, must not contain quotes: double or single quotes
    // OUTPUT: a link to the form where a quote for the described item can be requested
    function writeQuoteLink(itemid, description) {
    // visible elements
    document.write('<a class="Reg8" href="../FE/quoteForm.jsp?itemid=' + itemid + '&itemdesc=' + description + '"><img src="../images/quote.jpg" border=0></a>');

    Any help as to what the problem is would be very helpful. I'm not positive the new menu template is the cause but it seems that is what has changed since this started happening.

    Thank you


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    Hi Nikki,

    I'm not sure this is an HTML question (since "applying a template" sounds like server side languages are involved) but I just visited the site and the "View Cart" button works fine.

    Some browsers treat javascript differently, so which browser and version are you using when you get the error? Also, does the error pop-up and not allow you to continue to that page, or did you do some debugging to find the error?

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    Thank you for looking into that for me.
    I fixed the issue and reloaded the whole site. The problem was that there was an issue with the java script, I just had to change one small part and then it was working. I am suprised that it's been this way for about 2 months and none of our customers alerted us until just yesterday!
    Thanks again for your time

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