Facebook Graph API
I recently discovered graph.facebook.com and it seems like whenever I try to access my data graph.facebook.com/MYID/feed/ I get no data but I can access some other peoples feeds through this way as well as some facebook pages feeds. Is there a security setting I need to disable in order to grab my feed through this graph API?

PHP ZipArchive Class
I was using this class on my local server and I can only zip directories that are a certain size. If I try to ZIP something huge then nothing happens, no archive is created, and no error is given. Is there a php.ini setting I need to adjust?

Setting Directory Permissions via PHP
I'm assuming PHP is the language I'm going to want to use, it's also the language I know best but I want to be able to set either directory or file permissions on a Windows server through PHP using cURL or possibly another class or function with PHP or another language (as long as I'm able to do what I'm trying to do). I'm trying to create a backup of the SQL database as well as ZIP files remotely but because of permissions I'm unable to create files in the root directory, or any pre-existing directory or create directories to back up these files into.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!