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    Javascript is disabled.


    Man i have been out of ma mind for the past 2 days. Had a problem with one of my computer. I'm using a MACbook and i tried to load this web site call www.mathletics.co.nz but every time i try to load it on firefox and safari it keeps coming up with a message that say "Javascript is disabled. Please turn on javascript to access Mathletics website."

    I checked the preferences on both browser and the javascript is enabled but it still does allow me to go into the site, it keeps coming up with this message.

    We have a proxy server in our network, don't know if that have something to do with it. The funny thing is, is when i go to google website our proxy server prompts up to enter username and password and i did and than i refresh or reload the mathletic site and the site can load through with no javascript message.

    As soon as i shutdown and restart i load google and proxy prompts me to enter username and password but this time i didn't and than check the mathletic site and the javascript message appears up again. i have to login through our proxy setting...

    Any help will be outstanding please guys....

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    It could be a setting on the proxy server.
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    Or it could be a parental filter activated on the browser/computer

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