I am new at javascript.I have been figuring things out as I go and help from different forums.Thanks in advance for any help.

What I am trying to do is strictly on my computer from the user end.I combine javascript with imacro to save time from.

I run into a problem with a page that has numerous frames and the frames # keeps changing on me.I have a frame name for it and tried using that for imacro but it doesnt work right and the better solution would be for me to get the url of the frame as a var then stick that into the rest om my code.

This is the HTML in the page.
<div class="friendSelectTabContent active" id="friendSelectTab1Content"> <iframe src="http://THIS IS THE VALUE I NEED TO GET" >

i was hoping something like this would work

var xurl=document.getElementById("friendSelectTab1Content").value = src;


also what would work was if some one had a function that would return the count of frames on the page.It just so happens that the frame number that I need is alway the newest frame.