Let me start by saying I know zero about Javascript nor DHTML things. But I run a web server, design sites, and I'm "fair" at most of this stuff. I'm in a real crack, at the moment, with a site I'm doing for a mattress store. The owner wants a Java scroller/slider thing and I was going to use a java navigational menu that I found on the web (somewhere). The menu works fine when placed beneath the slider, but, not when placed above it - where it looks considerably better. I surfed the net and found numerous references to changing the z-index(es) of the various components. I changed the z-index of the drop down menu to a very high value (I think, based on zero understanding - I tried 999, then 5000!) and the z-index of the slider (in the .js file and the .css file) to low values. Nothing helped. I'm a "sixty something" idiot and we're starving here in Flint, Michigan. I would be willing to pay someone to give me an answer.

As opposed to pasting a mile of code from multiple files I thought maybe someone could figure it out by looking, viewing the source, etc.

Here's the one that works but doesn't look very good:


Here's what I need - but the drop-down menus don't work (under "mattress sets", for instance):


Thanks for any help.

Guy Merritt
Flint, MI