I'm building a multilingual site, and for the user to select the language I want to use the directory (or url-prefix) based approach (e.g., "/en/content.php" for english and "/nl/content.php" for the dutch page).

My content.php page is the same php page in both cases, so I don't want to have it duplicated, for example having one copy in the "/en" directory and the other in the "/nl" directory. The content itself is loaded using a dictionary file (or database).

So, for example, whenever a user clicks on "www.example.com/en/content.php" the php will identify the language by parsing the url, load the single content.php page and display the content in english (by using a dictionary, for example using gettext() or using Smarty configuration files).

I've searched everywhere for a way to do this, but to no avail (except for using queries, like "www.example.com/content.php?lang=en", which I prefer not to for SEO reasons and readability of the URL.

Your help will be greatly appreciated!