Hi there,

I have been told I need to use escape() and unescape() to fix some issues I am having with my Facebook Share Javascript in IE7. I've been fiddling with it for two days now and can't seem to get it working correctly. It would be amazing if someone on here could spare a few minutes to tell me what my code should look like. It works perfectly as is in IE9, IE8, and the newest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera... but IE7 is the problem!

Here's my Javascript (I've removed my efforts at escaping and unescaping, and also blanked my Facebook app ID out with 123456789):

            appId:'123456789', cookie:true, 
            status:true, xfbml:true 

function shareProduct(captionvar, descriptionvar, picturevar) {
         FB.ui({ method: 'feed',  
			link: 'http://www.facebook.com/rjthompsonmusic?sk=app_123456789',
			name: 'RJ Thompson Official Facebook Store',
			caption: captionvar,
			description: descriptionvar,
			picture: picturevar
And here is how it is being called:

<a href="#" onclick="shareProduct('Illogical Life - Digital Download', 'RJ Thompsons 2006 album &quot;Illogical Life&quot; available for Digital Download from his Facebook Store. Includes the single &quot;Green Eyed&quot;, live favourites &quot;Jester&quot; and &quot;Piano Song&quot;, and 8 more original tracks. Only &pound;7.49!', 'http://www.rjthompsonmusic.com/facebook/illogical_life_270.jpg')">
Would really appreciate any help with this.

Many thanks,