I have an AJAX script that I use to dynamically insert some HTML using PHP into a web page without reloading the entire page. Basic stuff.

Here is a basic example of some of the code I am using:
	httpObject2a = getHTTPObject();
	if (httpObject2a != null) {
		httpObject2a.open("GET", "myfile.php", true);
		httpObject2a.onreadystatechange = load2aOutput;

function load2aOutput(){
	if(httpObject2a.readyState == 4){
All of the code is functioning just fine in all browsers without any errors that I can see

My main page loads and and all the links I have use code similar to the above to grab some php scripts on the server process it create the HTML and then send it to the ID tag I have defined. I have about 7-10 links all working smoothly.

I then create one more link and this link allows the user to upload an image now this code is something I have used before successfully the only difference is I am using in one of the AJAX based code insertions.

In firefox the page loads I click on the link to upload pictures, the form comes up to load the image I load the image and the success or fail message appears in the same spot on the site dynamically even include an image if successful. I am very happy YEAHH

Now in IE I try the same thing the page loads I click on the link to upload pictures the form comes up to load the image and the success or fail message appears as normal the all my dynamic links seem as if they disappear no links work. Even reloading the page does not seem to fix it the only thing that does and that is to shut the browser down and reopen it then I can do it one time and the same thing happens.

I cannot see any errors as occurring, the scripts just seem to not be there even though it is. It just doesn't function, no update on the status bar when I roll over the links nothing when I click on them.

In firefox and safari I can upload all day long and everything works fine moving to other links, uploading more pics, whatever I want. But IE it is a one shot deal then nothing.

My thoughts are that something in the uploading of the image causes something to occur in the AJAX script similar to the above code that seems to lock up the status or something but it would have to be in a way that IE sees and locks up while the other browsers choose not to even notice but I do not know what to look for so I need to know if anyone has any ideas on where I might start looking