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Thread: how to cross reference $_POST array 'checkboxes[]' with mysql field

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    how to cross reference $_POST array 'checkboxes[]' with mysql field

    how to cross reference $_POST array 'checkboxes[]' with mysql field

    I have a form that is submitted so the user can select which results to print. but I am having problems getting the results to show correctly.

    how do I correctly cross reference the form data with the mysql
    $getRequests = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM requests WHERE `customer_email`='{$_SESSION['FM_user']}'");
    	while($request = mysql_fetch_assoc($getRequests)) {
    		if (in_array($request['request_id'],array($_POST[request]))) {
    			echo '<li style="font-size:10px; border-bottom: 0.1em solid #D0D0D0"> 
    				<div class="leftfloat"> <input type="checkbox" name="request[]" value="',$request['request_id'],'"> </div>
    				<div class="leftfloat"> <em>',$request['request_id'],'</em> </div><div class="leftfloat"> | </div>
    				<div class="leftfloat"> <em>',$request['customer_name'],'</em> </div><div class="leftfloat"> | </div>
    				<br style="clear:both">
    Last edited by jasonc310771; 04-05-2011 at 01:38 PM. Reason: i have taken away the ! in the IF statement, but the problems still exists

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