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    I created a website with a php login form and admin form. The admin can log in and post the weekly work schedule using a form, then submits it. All the users can log in and view their work schedule. My problem is after roughly 12-24 hours later, the form data deletes. It submits properly and works just fine for almost an entire day, then all the data is gone.

    Could this be a session or cookie problem?

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    Do you store your data in your database?

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    I use the database to store password and user names only, I use a POST to submit the table data to the schedule page. None of the schedules are kept, if I re-enter the schedule, it overwrites the current one.

    One thing I tested was I entered the schedule data on my home computer and checked the next day and the schedule was still there, but when the schedule data is entered at the work computer, it goes away the next day. Maybe something wrong with work computer?

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