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Thread: Cross browser problem - dynamic link update

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    Cross browser problem - dynamic link update

    I have the following code to dynamically change a link based on a selection from a drop down list. If I use rounded brackets in the function for document.getElementByID the code works in IE but not in Firefox. If I use square brackets it works in Firefox but not in IE. I am a javascript novice and have copied the code from a forum changing it for my application. The code claimed to be cross browser.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function update(objS)
    	document.getElementById('link').href = objS.options(objS.selectedIndex).value;
    <p class="drop1">Select PDF format:
    <select class="drop2" name="format"onchange="update(this)"> 
    ...selection list
    <a STYLE="text-decoration:none" class="downbox" href="assets/first" name="link"> Free Download </a>

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    id and name are different tokens. If you are using getElementById(), then make sure your element has an id, not a name. A certain id must be unique on document.

    Another thing: the square brackets notation needs... square brackets
    <a STYLE="text-decoration:none" class="downbox" href="assets/first" id="link"> Free Download </a>
    And make sure that each of the OPTION elements has a value attribute indeed. IE<9 needs that.

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    thanks. works fine now.

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