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Thread: Can't get expandable/collapsible div text to work in Firefox

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    Unhappy Can't get expandable/collapsible div text to work in Firefox

    I am very new to programming and untrained, so I used a sample I found to create expandable/collapsible text. It works in IE, but not Firefox. Here is the link to a simplified version, which expands when you click on it in IE, but does nothing in Firefox.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    In your page, do a search replace and replace "currentStyle" with "style".

    currentStyle is (was?) a MSIE-specific DOM Node property....other browsers used to use getComputedStyle() but I'm pretty sure now, everybody gets along fine with just using "style";
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    Thanks for the reply. I made that change to the four instances of "currentStyle", but it did not fix it in Firefox, and it now won't open in IE either. Here is the new link:
    If it helps, I can post the source code.
    Thanks again for any help!

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