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Thread: spry menu problem

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    spry menu problem

    Hello to everyone,
    I had recently built up a website (http://www.olivagreca.com) and I have a problem with spry content presentation. In the following pages: http://www.olivagreca.com/Olive_Oil.html and http://www.olivagreca.com/Olives.html I have organized the text content with spry menus. I have set the css property of the content to auto in order the larger text to be “scrollable” with the help of scroll bars. The problem is that if someone is scrolling the text content of any tab and leave the “content scrolling” at the middle when she/he try to view the text content of other tab the scroll bar isn’t at the top (the place that I want to be), but it is at the place that it was at the preview scrolling-tab. How can I set the scroll bar at the top of content by default? Any help will be welcome.

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    tried this?
    document.getElementById("text").scrollTop = 0;

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