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Thread: Passing array in frames

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    Passing array in frames

    I have a frameset (Frameset) with three frames: fraMain, fraNav, fraTitle. My opening page in fraMain(Page1) has six images. The images are precached and loaded into an array, which is passed to a variable in the Frameset. Frameset's variable receives the array just fine and displays in my debugger with Value = {count=6} and Type = DispHTMLElementCollection.

    When the user clicks on an image in Page1, a new page (Page2) opens with the clicked image. I need to pass the array from Frameset to Page2. However, as soon as Page2 loads, Frameset's variable loses its elements and becomes an object, i.e., Value = {...} and Type = Object.

    The current code in Page2 to get the array from Frameset is:

    function getImagesArray() {
    arr = top.arrImages;

    "arr" is a global variable in Page2.

    How do I get the array into Page2 from Frameset? I'm sure this is something simple (my worst problems always are!), but I've been pulling my hair out over it.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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    Post your code and lets take a look. Are you making a photo album viewer of sorts?

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