I am looking to start out at some web design, I am fresh out of college and i got hired to do some web design by a company and they are going to pay me to learn it. I have no previous html experience but know C++ and C# software programming so they are confident i can learn it quickly.

as for my questions (please bear with me if i ask something thats common knowledge, really have no real knowledge of HTML yet)

whats a good book to get me started?

any recommendations on an FTP client?

where is it recommended to get server space for the website from? (my current employer pays for it outsourced and is looking to move it "in house" and believes they will remove it from their servers and i will have to get new server space somewhere for the new one when he switches from them doing it to me)

should i buy a book and learn personally or would it be recommended to find a professional class or workshop for html?

I will probably have a million questions about this over the next few months but looking to find the things i need to get started and finding a forum is my first choice, figured id see what you guys use and recommend