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    Back end page

    I am trying to create a page in a site that will allow an administrator to enter information without knowledge of html and to do so via any browser w/o using any particular editor such as Dreamweaver. etc.

    A site I currently administer has such a function built into several pages, but built in asp. I'm looking to set up similar function on another site but using php and mysql. I realize for specifics I may need to post in the php forum, but just trying to get a general idea of best way to accomplish this.

    Here are the pages I want to try to replicate (not the content - just the back-end functionality)



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    look into a CMS (content management system) that will allow them to login to a specific url such as http://www.yourdownmain/cms and modify the pages you want with the use of a plain text interface.

    Peek at some here.

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    Can a CMS be used to just insert a section within a page? I would prefer to just create what I wanted with php and mysql - I need to learn that for other projects as well. I have played around with Joomla and Word Press and don't care for them too much. I'm sure some of the other CMS you refer to might be a better fit, but still would prefer to create my own.

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