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Thread: Readability tester?

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    Readability tester?

    First let be clear that I'm NOT talking about the readability test that come up when this is Googled. Those all seem to be about analyzing the text alone, as in how well you write.

    What I'm looking for is a test that analyzes color schemes for ease of actually SEEING what users need to see.

    Every good web master, hopefully, has been trained to think of possibly bad combinations of text colors versus background. A LOT of users have various forms of color blindness. What's easy for me to read as a web designer may be near to impossible for some users.

    So what I'm looking for is a tester that will analyze the readability of my pages from a color scheme perspective, and, hopefully, give me some idea of whether certain problems might exist.

    Anyone ever seen anything like this?

    Thanks man!

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    Thanks jalarie,

    Neither one is any good for these pages. They aren't loading images at all, and the second is deathly slow. Too slow to be useful. There's got to be a faster more reliable way.

    Anybody know of page tester that works OFF line, and will load pages with all the graphics? Some of the pages I need to check are very graphics intensive with background images and translucent layers with text over them. These two testers can't seem to handle that.

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