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Thread: generate pdf from url with asppdf

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    generate pdf from url with asppdf


    I'm a newbe in this forum, and I have a question about a little problem with asppdf object.
    The pdf generated by the component does not seem to get the formatting information.
    Let me explain: I use to generate PDF ImportFromUrl method, the page is formatted by a cascading style sheet, if the browser displays the page I see it correctly (i.e. the size of the title is larger than the text of the page), but if I create the PDF is didn't (i.e. the size of the title is smaller than the text of the page).

    How do I export to pdf the exact formatting of the page as I see it on the browser?

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    I wonder whether it can be accomplished by the PDF tollkit I am testing about these days. I will try to create PDF using it later.

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    Hi maxranzy,

    Apart from creating pdf from url, there are another two soultions for pdf creating, one is creating pdf with blank page, and the other is creating and generating new pdf page with image source, and the images can be from both local file and memory stream or directly downloading from web page.

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