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Thread: Scroll "click-stops" for iPad

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    Scroll "click-stops" for iPad

    I'd like to implement (on a web page optimized for iPad) the scroll effect of iPhoto on an iPad. That is you swipe and the page will scroll to center the next image (or div of a specific class), and you cannot scroll to have half an image showing, it always adjusts to center the closest-to-center image. It's like the page has "click-stops" to stop the scroll at certain points.

    I imagine this can be done in JavaScript, just wondering if there's an existing library to make this easier.

    Also, if there's a term used to describe what I'm after I'd like to know.

    If there's a non-JavaScript solution I'd like to hear about that too.


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    Use Sencha Touch or JQTouch to create the mobile site it handles such events.

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