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Thread: One page to display a pdf

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    One page to display a pdf

    i am looking for a script that allows me to put a link on a page to another page with a pdf viewer so the pdf viewer on that page will display a specific pdf but that also allows me to link to the same page with the pdf viewer from a different page but so that the pdf viewer displays a different pdf i have had no luck in finding one and dont have the skills to program to myself
    please you help


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    Just create a link

    From my understanding all you need to do is link to the PDF. It will bring it up like a PDF reader. This works as long as the user has the PDF reader installed. If they do not have it installed they will prompted to. This is the only way I have heard of to do it.
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    I didn't understand to well, but maybe it helps you this answer.
    You can use the html <object> tag to display a pdf in a web page.
    <object type="application/pdf" data="dir/file.pdf" width="300" height="200">
     Alt: <a href="dir/file.pdf">file.pdf</a>

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    thanks but what i mean is a page dedicated to displaying pdf files so that the pdf can be as big as possible without page text and boundarys limithing the abount of space on the page

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