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Thread: SQL Joins to get User's Friends Photos

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    SQL Joins to get User's Friends Photos

    In my db I have the following tables/fields:-

    user_id, name, surname

    (This stores the user ids and their name and surname)

    user_id, about_id, relationship

    (This is a self join table attached to the users table showing relationships between users. A relationship of 2 means the users are friends)

    photo_id, user_id, photo_extension

    (This contains all the photos. In this table user_id is used to determine what user uploaded the photo)

    user_id, photo_id, is_main

    (This detemines what users are in/tagged in photos. The is_main field is used to determine if the photo has been set as a main profile picture for a user)

    What I want now though is to be able to create a friends list for a logged in user where in each friend item the following is shown:-

    - the profile picture of the friend i.e. is_main = 1 in the users_photos table
    - each friends name and surname
    - I also need the user id of each of the friends too which won't be shown but still needs to be retrieved

    How do I achieve this using sql and joins?

    So far I have the following, if we are to use a logged in user_id of 1 for example:-

    PHP Code:

    SELECT users
    FROM users 
    LEFT JOIN relationships 
    LEFT JOIN users_photos 
    users_photos.user_id relationships.about_id 
    LEFT JOIN photos 
    photos.photo_id users_photos.photo_id 
    WHERE relationships.user_id AND relationship 
    However using the above returns the photo_id and photo_extension as NULL

    Can anyone please help me out in fixing this.
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