Hi Everyone,

I am using javascript to find the browser window's innerheight and outerheight(ie both document body + task bar ,statusbar,menubar etc)I am using the following command for the

calculation of the above thing

var browserOuterheight;
var browserInnerHeight;
var browserWidth;
var yCordinate;
var xCordinate;

if (typeof (window.outerHeight) == 'number') {
browserOuterheight = window.outerHeight;
alert("browserOuterheight " + browserOuterheight)
browserInnerHeight = window.innerHeight;
alert("browserInnerHeight " + browserInnerHeight)
yCordinate = browserOuterheight - browserInnerHeight;
alert("yCordinate" + yCordinate);
xCordinate = 1

This one works perfectly for the following browser's GoogleChrome,Safari,Firefox with small problem on Firefox

Following is the problem

The window.outerheight and window.innerHeight returns different values ,
a)when the script is run locally on the same browser
b)when the script is run after publishing the page on the server and ran from the same browser.

This issues do not come for other browser except firefox.For other browser the outerheight and innerheight comes same, before and after the script is published on the server.

The firefox browser version used is : firfox 3.6.16
Os is Windows Xp

Best Regards,
Sagar Singh