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Thread: why is my slideshow not working?

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    why is my slideshow not working?

    Please see http://samedayclean.com (a site under construction).

    The image of the man in the white shirt is the first of 4 images that should display as a automatic slide show. But now it does not.

    Would someone please tell me what's wrong with this script?

    Thank you

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    Well, a couple things... One you added the image to a TD, which doesnt have a SRC attribute... You should add the image inside the div as an img element, not as a background to a TD.

    Another thing, and I don't know if I am just missing something or what... But I don't see anything more than:

    images = new Array(

    var i = 1;
    function rotatepic() {
    if (document.rotate) {
    document.rotate.src=images[i % images.length];

    If thats all your doing, how do you i magine the images would even animate? There are no events to trigger the animation, and nothing transition the images. Here is some simple logic:

    On document ready start slide show.
    Wait 5 seconds
    Transition first image out
    Transition second image in
    Wait 5 seconds

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    Thank you for the response. I truly appreciate that.

    But I'm afraid it's way above my level of understanding.

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