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Thread: Help previewing asp .net site design

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    Question Help previewing asp .net site design


    Having a few problems trying to preview my asp .net site in a browser. I'm trying to make a couple of small design changes.

    I have Dreamweaver CS5, which I think isn't letting me preview the site as it doesn't support .net anymore. Don't have much of an idea of what I'm doing but have downloaded the .net framework and am now trying Visual Web Developer 2010 Express.

    This is giving me server errors when I try to preview the site, stuff to do with the database id etc - "Login failed for user 'sa'"...

    Also got very confused with IIS and trying to set up a local server, I really shouldn't have to do all this to just preview my site should I? All I want to do is view the design and make some changes to the css and the main index.aspx site!

    How can I best preview this in a browser so I can see the changes I make? Thanks!

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    You are right CS5 does not support asp.net websites so i dont think you preview it by using it.

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