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Thread: I have 400000 backlinks and PageRank 1?

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    Today, I noticed something very strange. All of the pages that were linked to directly from the homepage (http://linksku.com/button, http://linksku.com/link/technology, http://linksku.com/about, etc) all have a pagerank of 6 while the homepage has a pagerank of 5. I find this very strange.

    Christophe27: You are right, PR isn't of much use to my website. Marketing/promoting is more important.

    People say that my website's purpose is very confusing. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Yes, the purpose of your website is confusing. At this moment, it looks like a paid links library, like the ones you see on parked domains.

    I miss a simple slogan and perhaps some step by step feedback users. For example, how does the links get on your website? What is the purpose of your website? Is it fun? Is it to keep updated about the latest news? What is the news about? I know their are some categories at the top, but looking at your design, I would rather guess the main background of all the links are fun stories. Do you for example also provide stories about politics or the economic crisis? Then you have to change your design a bit.

    Also I would strongly recommand to append an image on every post, with some small feedback about the post. Perhaps the first few lines of the article, with a 'Read more ...' link. Like an actual blog, you get the picture.


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    Site is not live and the main thing is that if your site has not valuable and unique content,then your PR will remain as it is or it will decreased...You have to put some updates on your site like posting blogs at frequent time...
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    Try to get Quality Backlinks

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    Or more simpler to do is to add an a database that periodically tests a link prior to use and if it gets a green light then you know the link is active, rank your links in order of accessibility Like a trafficlight system where Green == GO, Amber == Possible Network / Server Issues and Red for links to investigate and remove.
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    Hi, I checked your websites and found that is pr5 and you saying that is pr1, and i checked you websites back-links that is Google counts only 2,640 links and you saying about 40000. So if you want to improve your website PR then i suggest you build only incoming links form Google counted competitor's back-links and try to cover max links with Do-follow tag and High PR pages that's why PR is also depends on incoming link's PR.

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    Pr is based on the linking structure on your website,not only from backlinks..

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    Quote Originally Posted by bhadriram View Post
    Pr is based on the linking structure on your website,not only from backlinks..
    If you minimise the number of links coming from your home page, you will effectively 'horde' your Page Rank and push it higher, because it's less diluted.

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    Lightbulb what page rank is good ? 1 or 10 ? and whats worse can happen with it?

    http://www.logix7.com this is my website ! and i dont care about seo as i am getting very good clients in local area ! still what is good PR 1 or 10 ? and how it can be get ?

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    Nice post. Thanks for posting.

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