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Thread: Real-time strategy browser game - please review

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    Real-time strategy browser game - please review

    Hey guys,

    I have been working on a real-time strategy browser game (like C&C or starcraft). It is a network game, where each player competes against all other human players. I would be glad if you can give me some feedback.


    I would be interested in the following issues
    • Is there a lag
    • How is scrolling
    • Does the user guidance helps you (speech bubbles)
    • Least but not last is it fun

    Please do not comment the start-page I already know it's ugly

    The project is open source http://code.google.com/p/controltheland/

    Technologies used:
    • Browser JS/HTML/CSS (Map: Canvas/VML)
    • Tomcat (6)
    • GWT
    • Spring
    • Hibernate
    • MySql
    • Wicket
    • Server: Linux (Ubuntu 8.10) JAVA (1.6)

    Many thanks

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    hmm..I think you should improve your homepage adn add some screenshot.
    It's better for u to find designer for your site.

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    We have done another redesign:

    • Graphic has been improved
    • Lots of bug fixes
    • Level concept added
    • Story added
    • Map is now much bigger
    • Balancing is more improved
    • Smarter bot added

    Please have a look: http://www.controltheland.com

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