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Thread: .ftpquota Is this a hack?

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    .ftpquota Is this a hack?

    Google is showing my site has been compromised. I checked the server and did in fact find several files that were put there by someone else; these have been deleted. Though there was an .ftpquota file associated with the hacked files [which i deleted], I also noticed a .ftpquota file in a folder unrelated to the folders where the hacked files were. I've tried to find out what this is. What i've learned is that it's put there when a new ftp user is added. None have been. It also seems sometimes it's automatically put there by the 'cpanel' ... anyway, what i really want to know is if i can delete it....knowing no other users have been added?

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    If your using hosting site, in your cpanel ther will be a panel for ftp administration. basically the default ftp account is the web root and if you also make an ftp account for yours. but if you see other ftp account that is not the one you made or the web root account well that is suspicious. there might be other person accesing your site...

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    I don't have access to the cpanel but I know a hacker has been in the site so it must be related. I will delete the files [i found another one]. thanks for your help.

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