Dear Community,
I have a webpage with a menu. When I select an item from the menu, it is supposed to load another page to the right of it, with the use of AJAX. This works fine. However, the page that it is loading contains Ajax and Javascript as well. The page loads, but the Ajax/Javascript functionality is non existent. Let me get into specifics. I will provide code and files below if it is of any use.

I have a php page (slider.php) that loads a page with a set of sliders. It uses a script (slider.js) to generate the slider and the slider functionalities. These sliders are generated based on the number of entries in a database and are automatically adjusted on page load based on the slider values for each slider record in the database. You can use the adjust each slider and change its numerical value and it uses ajax to dynamically save these updated values to the database(with the help of an external php page, AJAX4Slider.php).

Now I want to load this said slider.php page from my main menu page (index.htm). This index page uses ajax to load the slider.php page to the right of the menu. It does this(it even sets the sliders to the accurate values in the database on page load), however, the error occurs where I am unable to adjust the sliders manually.

I have even tried including the ajax from the slider page in my main page and I get the same error.

Can I please get some aid in rectifying this issue? Many thanks to the community!

I have included a zip file below with the files to allow full functionality.


-Please load the slider_script.php file first to create the database and the slider entries first. This must be done!
-You can then load the 'slider.php' page to see the sliders in action without any error.
-You can then load the menu page 'index.htm'. This brings up the menu. Click on the 'load sliders page' link and there you will see that we cannot manually adjust the sliders after page load.

Thanks again!