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Thread: The js-interpreter restructures code, where can i find that?

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    Question The js-interpreter restructures code, where can i find that?

    Hi guys,

    in a effort to write code as clean as possible, i'd like to see how the js interpreter restructures my code.

    Does anyone know where i could access that?

    For clarification, what i mean:

    Say you write a function and use a variable inside an if-statement, the interpreter, through "hoisting" takes the variable out of the if-statement and puts it at the beginning of the function.

    A function written like this:

    function getValue(condition) {
        if (condition) {
            var value = "blue";
    with hoisting becomes:

    function getValue(condition) {
        var value;
        if (condition) {
            value = "blue";

    This is what i'd like to see...

    Thanks for reading my post... cheers!

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    First I have heard of an interpreter changing things...
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