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Thread: Multiple Sources Into One Table

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    Multiple Sources Into One Table

    Hi Everyone, I had a quick search for relational database but am not sure if that is the route I should take with the current issue I'm having.

    Tables are as follows:
    • blog
    • classifieds
    • rss

    When creating editing or adding new blog posts or classifieds, I would like the same action to take place in the RSS Table as well. This wouldn't be an issue if there were once feeding source but due to the insertion of data coming from 2 sources, the case becomes a little tougher.

    As you can see, the data in the RSS Table accepting data from two sources created sequencial ID's the will not relate to the source data in it's feeder source (Blog Table and Classifieds Table).

    The Question
    How would I be able to edit the content from both sources in the RSS Table when the ID's may not be the same in the feeder source?

    Would a relational database be the answer to this issue?

    I'd appreciate any help offered. Thank you in advance.

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    Would a relational database be the answer to this issue?
    What other technologies were you considering?
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