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Thread: Onclick event or something like

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    Onclick event or something like

    Below is the code I am working with, probably a bit messy but I am working on it. I would like to call the div directly below that to extend the box on click of Quick Question in the hover event.

    <div class="service-box1">
    <ul id="service-nav">
    <li id="customer_service">
    <div id="cs_style"><a href="HYPERLINK #">Customer Service</a>
    <span id="service_menu">
    <div class="service-box2 service-contain2">
    <div class="service-box3">
    <a href="# title="My Profile">My Profile</a></tr>
    <a href="#" title="Product Manuals">Product Manuals</a>
    /---- call div "qq-box1 qq-contain1" on click ----><a href="#" title="Quick Question">Quick Question</a>


    and here is the the div I wish to call.

    <div class="qq-box1 qq-contain1">
    <div class="qq-box2">
    <h1>Quick Question</h1>
    <input name="qq_name" type="text" value="name**" class="qq-ne-style" maxlength="100" width="135px" />
    <input name="qq_email" type="text" value="email" class="qq-ne-style" maxlength="100" />

    <textarea name="questionbox" cols="135" rows="300" disabled="disabled" wrap="virtual" class="questionbox-style">your question*</textarea>

    <p><a class="btn-1">submit question</a></p></div></br>
    <div> <p class="responsetxt"> * Please allow one full business day for response.</p>
    <p class="accountpoptxt">** If you have a profile abd are logged in, after submitting your question it will populate into the question section of your account."</p></div>

    I have tried everything I can think of but i am running into a brick wall. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    when you say you wish to call the div, what do you mean? and when do you want to fire this call to a div? when a link is clicked ?

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    Woops, I went to edit my post with a modification to the code and I accidentally removed my entire post! Oh well, the code below should give you an understanding on how to create an expand/collapse script. Simply save the code below as whatever.html and test in your browser.

    The original code I posted used get/setAttribute, which doesn't seem to be supported by IE. element.className seems to be the proper way to manipulate the property.

    function changeClass(element, anchor){
        var element = document.getElementById(element);
        if(element.className == "hide"){
            element.className = "show";
            anchor.innerHTML = "Close Question";
            element.className = "hide";
            anchor.innerHTML = "Add a Question";
    <p>This is some example text...</p>
        <a href="javascript:voide(0);" onclick="javascript:changeClass('question', this);">Add a Question</a>
        <div id="question" class="hide">
                <input type="text" name="myQuestion" id="myQuestion" value="" />
                <input type="submit" name="submitQuestion" id="submitQuestion" value="Add Question" />
    <p>This is some more example text, below question form!</p>
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    rproctor83 - thanks that is kind of what I am talking about. I will definitely have my work cut out for me wrangling it into the current format.

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