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Thread: WordPress,Drupal Or Joomla

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    WordPress,Drupal Or Joomla

    I have heard a lot about WordPress,Drupal and Joomla but I have not used them yet. I need to use a CMS for my new blog. What do you think which one would be better and why? Please share your thoughts to help me to make a decision.

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    If you are going to create blog you need to use WordPress. This platform developed specially for blogs. It is has a lot of advantages and user-friendly. If you will need create informative portal where you will post a lot of articles you can use Joomla. Sorry, but I don't use Drupal and can't say something about it.

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    Wordpress strength is in blogging.
    It is easy to learn.
    Drupal and Joomla have a higher learning curve.

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    You can bend Wordpress into an extremely powerful CMS that can manage just about any type of website (I know, I do it on a daily basis). The upside is that the learning curve is probably lower than that of Joomla or Drupal.

    However, there are other products that might be better suited to build certain types of sites and, even though they have higher learning curves, they're also probably a hundred times more powerful than a heavily modded wordpress will ever be.

    As the others pointed out, the real question is, what type of site will you be building? If you're blog is just that, a blog, and very little more, than hands down you go with WordPress.
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    Thanks guys, I appreciate your suggestions. I feel,I would go for WordPress as it is just a blog. I never go for CMS when it comes to my professional sites.

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    Recently, I was searching for good CMS and I have come to know that wordpress theme can also act as website CMS. There are some plug-ins which can be used to convert blog theme into full website CMS.

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    In my opinion wordpress is the best way for bloging.

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