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Thread: Need a Basic CMS, but with Adaptive Nav

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    Need a Basic CMS, but with Adaptive Nav

    Hey guys, unfortunately couldn't find what I'm looking for (admittedly, because I don't know what I'm looking for as far as searching goes).

    I have a site designed, but I need a CMS that would allow the client to edit certain fields and add/remove pages. They'll be running the page as a product listing and be constantly adding new products and product categories. I don't really want to redesign everything to work with Drupal (and learn the language) and was hoping there'd be a CMS I can add that will work as an add on. The big killer has been the nav. I currently have a design with the 5 navs across the top... then when on one of those pages there's a sidebar nav. The client has indicated that they will not only need to add and remove navigation to the sidebar, but is bringing in new products so frequently that they will need to be updating the main nav up top as well (for example, they want to be removing printers in the near future and adding new RFID scanners)

    I looked at Unity, but though it has exactly what I want as far as field editing (and just needs me to add a class to point to the Unity script) but doesn't look to have any way for the client to add and remove pages.

    The only one I'm thinking might work is Pixie but I can't find anything to confirm that by adding/removing pages the navigation will update as well.

    So, basically... is there anyone out there using a CMS that allows them to do their own design using XHTML and CSS in Dreamweaver but allowing the client to add and remove pages that will be reflected in the nav? I'm also assuming I need it to be working with PHP as I'll hope to have a breadcrumb navigation on the page as well.

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    Our CMS offers much of what you asked for, feel free to try it out:

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    why don't you try joomla.

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