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Thread: Quick question on switching from VB 08 to VB 10

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    Quick question on switching from VB 08 to VB 10

    Hey guys just a quikc question thats probably right in front of me. I am trying to set a CustomVaildator for date input and i know the old way you would set the CustomerVaildator and set the Property and then you could go to the Object drop-down list and then choose CustomValidator and then you could select the Event from the drop down list....where the hell our the object and event drop down list in VB 2010? Or is there a new way to do this? again I am trying to just make it where if someone types in a date my regular format is MMM DD , yyyy so if someone puts in sgkjsgjswi it doesnt crash...

    thanks for any help!

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    this is wrong forum as the CustomValidator control is ASP.NET however you can just use a RegularEpressionValidator to validate your date.

    I've not test this expression (source here http://forums.asp.net/t/1480183.aspx )



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