Hi to all:

I have this problem ...

When I work I use Microsoft Outlook 2003 always opened ..

From DOS I have created this command line that runs perfectly:

C:\>"c:\program files\microsoft office\office11\outlook.exe" /c ipm.note /m "mail@yahoo.com?subject=test" /a c:\my_path\file.pdf

When I execute it from command line,
from Outlook appears a new correct message window with the file attached ...

My purpose is to do the same thing in an automatic way, in a page called mail.asp:

<&#37;@ Language=VBScript %>
Option Explicit
Dim shell
Set shell = Server.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
shell.run """c:\program files\microsoft Office\office11\outlook.exe"" /c ipm.note /m ...."
Set shell = Nothing

alert("Record ok!");

When I open the page mail.asp, near the alert, I receive this error:

Impossible to start Microsoft Office Outlook. Application error. Close Outlook and Windows, then restart...

It' s very stange, any ideas to help me ??

P.S: even if I put the command above in a file.bat,
when I make double click on it works perfectly;
inside the page mail.asp even this file.bat returns me the same error ...