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Thread: Need to change image sizes in Magento template

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    Need to change image sizes in Magento template


    I'm wondering if someone can tell me what file(s) I need to edit to enlarge my photos, but not lose clarity in my new Magento template. I find the pictures too small and the template automatically places borders around them, so half the pictures have white space around them. This occurs on the home page, and on the product list pages. I can't go and change thousands of pictures manually, so how do I do it without them looking fuzzy? Should I get rid of the border as well and if so, where is that done?

    I am very new to this, so any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm pretty sure I need to edit css files, but I'm not sure which ones.


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    Your question seems to be more close to a CSS border-style issue, instead of a graphic problem. Besides, consider the starting quality of your original images, because any enlargement will affect the final behaviour.

    Anyway, if you need to manage a large number of images, programs such as FastStone Photo Resizer can modify/add borders/cut/add watermarks and much more; directly to a massive quantity of files:


    And take a look here too:
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    Thanks MrSnowDrop for this link this is really helpful ..

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