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Thread: Please tell me what you think of my website

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    Please tell me what you think of my website

    hi i was just wondering if anyone had any tips on how i can improve my website

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    Your website has awesome design. I like it. Really good . Your photo slide show really good and it works fast.

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    thanks is there anything you can point out to improve

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    If I can be honest .......

    I would prefer to see your title at the top left and all navigation down the left hand side on top of the black only.

    I dont want to see a vertical scroll, they are bad enough at the best of times, especially when im trying to scroll through pics. Strict no no.

    Keep the picture slideshow to the centre and right, make the black frame surrounding it the same thickness on all sides that it is currently on the left/right side. Make the frame more transparent as your background is beautiful.

    Also make social bookmarking items just small icons at the bottom of your left hand navigation. That really doesnt need to be too groin grabbing, trust me, if I like your page, il add it!

    Just my thoughts, hope they are constructive.
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    Nice Flash website, Keep it up.

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    like the bokeh background and flash gallery. at the bottom of the gallery pages, did you want to capture email address too? on Contact Me page, it seems odd to have the description of the Sony camera there. some small typos on the Video page, Gallerys should be Galleries, apostrophes not need needed in Video's, Lego's, and Figure's. the word photography next to your name at the top could be bigger.

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