Hi there!
This is actually my first time ever requesting help on a forum. The problem i've encountered seems very random and I have read my code over and over again to no avail. I can't possibly figure out what is the problem since everything seems in order...

Here's the deal: I have a blog for my website which runs on WP and is located at http://blog.pokpok.tv - on it, there are 3 specific divs with scripts in them :

In the header, a 728x90 google adsense banner.
In the sidebar, a FB button and another 300x300 adsense banner.

Here's what's really puzzling:

Go to an individual article, like ---> http://blog.pokpok.tv/2011/wow-rescue/ and notice everything displays perfectly fine!

However, display the main page ---> http://blog.pokpok.tv and there seems to be 3 divs with nothing in them!

This is puzzling to me since the individual articles (single.php) and the main page (home.php) load exactly the same header and the same sidebar. How can this be?

I can't seem to understand what is the problem... Any help would be greatly appreciated!