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Thread: Pls review my website - Affiliate website

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    Pls review my website - Affiliate website


    I have just launched my website - www.CuttersAndKnives.com

    It is an Affiliate website, and also Blog,posts mostly from Amazon and Clickbank.

    I am still trying to improve the SEO of the website.


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    I have viewed your website. I want suggest you to make your header more wider.Also try to add more colors. But other design elements quite good.

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    nice imagery, however i do not like how the navigation does not match that of the rotating images, nor do either of them frame the content for the body.

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    Thumbs up where's the focus suppossed to be?

    Normally I hate websites that have borders on everything, and enjoy anything but, however this pendulum has swung the other way!

    Looking at your site, it's unclear where the reader is supposed to look.

    1. Everything is bumping up against each other. I suggest some borders or colorful/textured backgrounds that would pull your side columns out of the equation and give some boundaries to your non justified text.

    2. I like the picture that comes up first but it either needs to go higher or lower with some good old fashioned white space above and/or below it.

    3. Subpages make a little more sense in the layout with the additional articles/ products but could still benefit from adding color/texture and boundaries.

    To keep it simple: #Spacing/ Color

    Nice site though...

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    You have PR -0 - You need to build quality inbound links.
    And Did you make from the already built in
    Website Templates or you made this yourself.If this made by you then i can not help myself to appreciate you work.It is great because it is very simple and Google like simplicity.

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    how do i delete this post?

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