We have created a tool for webmasters, SEO guys, programmers and anyone that job involves working with on other peoples websites and we need beta testers..all testers will get a free copy of the final product of course.

In a nutshell its a tool that helps should your client/s decide for whatever reason to lock you out of the site you have been working on and keep all your work without paying.

It allows you to log in to their server (where your work is) via any browser and retrieve it, no ftp, hosting log in details needed.

You have the option to retrieve your work and leave it there or retrieve and delete it. If after retrieving it the client pays you...you have a simple restore tool...to put it back.

It works on all site files and even can retrieve your work in the sites database.

That's pretty much it.

Out of respect for the WD admins i don't wish to post links or the name of the tool here, but PM me your email and i will be in touch.