I wasn't sure if this should be posted in the HTML or Javascript area - myapologies for a wrong placement. Here is my question.

I am working on a page that has an iframe that calls the following html code:

function SubmitAccCode()  {
	var flag
	if (document.thisform.code.value=='')  {
		alert("You must enter a valid access code !") 
	else {
		flag = true
		if (document.thisform.code.value.length==6)	{	//course access code
			document.thisform.action = "http://hthu.coursehost.com/engine/authentication/registration/ChkAccessCode.asp?LID=1&ky=d_BPDiQVRgHzDiPRUmf_DgHzpSrOrRfz" 
		else	{
			flag = false	
			alert("You must enter a valid  access code !") 
		if (flag) {
			document.thisform.method = "post" 
function LoginSubmit() {
	if (document.thisform.code) document.thisform.code.value = ""
	if (document.thisform.Login.value !='' && document.thisform.Pwd.value != '') {
		document.thisform.method = "post" ;
		document.thisform.target = "_top" ;
		document.thisform.action = "http://hthu.coursehost.com/Groups/Registration/HRLogIn1.asp?LID=1&ky=d_BPDiQVRgHzDiPRUmf_DgHzpSrOrRfz";
	}else {
		alert("Please enter your username and password.")

  <table width=500 border=0 bordercolor=#000000 cellspacing=0>
      <td><form name=thisform method=post ID="thisform">
            <input type="text" name="Login" size="10" ID="Login">
            &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>
            <input type="password" name="Pwd" size="10" ID="Pwd">
            > <a href="javascript:LoginSubmit();"><strong>Go Now!</strong></a></h2>
          <h5>Registration  &amp; Orientation for Physician Office Employees is FREE. Click here to <u><a href="http://hthu.coursehost.com/enroll/f41au2" target="_top">REGISTER</a></u><br>
          <a href="http://hthu.coursehost.com/engine/authentication/login/password.asp?LID=1&ky=d_BPDiQVRgHzDiPRUmf_DgHzpSrOrRfz" target="_top"> Forgot your password? | </a><a href="http://hthu.coursehost.com/engine/Intranets/Course/PrivateCourses.asp?LID=1&ky=d_BPDiQVRgHzDiPRUmf_DgHzpSrOrRfz" target="_top">Course Catalog</a></h5>
you can see this in action here: http://www.hthu.net/PhysicianOffice.aspx

I need to make a HTML button instead of the Go Now! Link - this way people can press Enter on the keyboard and advance to the next page. This current setup tells the iframe to have the top "window" (_top) to change (this can be seen in the function LoginSubmit().

None the less... how can I make a button - I have tried the following:

<input name="Login" action="javascript:LoginSubmit();" type="button" value="Go Now!">
But this does not work...

Any ideas? Thanks for any help.