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Thread: Looking for best Platform / Solution

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    Question Looking for best Platform / Solution

    I am looking to build a website which manages and hosts specific data and files. The majority of the files won't be too big (only a few MB at max), but a lot of data needs to be tracked relative to the files and the users.

    The site needs to be secure, and the users need to be able to "work" within the site to manage the files, receive notifications, plan things out, etc.

    I know this is fairly vague, but it's a unique service that just needs to be done IMO.

    The question is with all of the different solutions out there, can anyone recommend a good starting platform that may offer me the core of what I'm looking for and allow me to customize my data/file system to where I can focus more on linking it all together and presenting it properly rather than writing from scratch?


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    Hmm, can't seem to find edit. Also, I want to have a repository of "knowledge" that can reference links, files, Q&A, and other materials as well.

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    You are invited to give our platform a go, it might suit your needs. At the very least, you will have a better idea regarding your specific requirements from the CMS you choose.
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