Social Music Platform Requiring Developer Partnership

Introducing, a sophisticated, beautifully designed and structured social music distribution platform.

The project has been created with the intended idea for music enthusiasts to contribute and to vocalise their opinions, photography and music. Ideally, through local and global structures for communities users can connect with one another easily enabling for live local music charts, event organisers to get in touch with musicians in their area, for journalists to become noticed and for photographers to get known for local shots.

At the moment, we're beginning the design phase of and we are now looking to partner with developers in making this become a reality. All partnerships will be dealt legally and through the according documents.

We’re attempting to rejuvenate social networking, this has always been our priority, and through music – one of the main attributes to our culture we will reinvent on the foundations of platforms already out there. This engaging playground for creativity in a sense has the potential to lift a journalist, musician or a photographer’s career through localising content.

We're looking to partner with inventive, enterprising and engaged developers who are flexible and who also share a passion for music.

If you'd like to know more about the project. Please feel to Skype me instantly on: midouglaseu

or alternatively check out our Facebook page @