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Thread: radio button validation

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    radio button validation

    I have an mysql array with several radio buttons,

    <INPUT name="bookout" id="bookout" type="radio" class="formslova" value='value1'>
    <INPUT name="bookout" id="bookout" type="radio" class="formslova" value='value2'>
    <INPUT name="bookout" id="bookout" type="radio" class="formslova" value='value3'>

    I want to make a button validation:

    if (document.getElementById("bookout").checked==false) {

    For some reason when I have more that one button in the array only the first counts, meaning only when first is clicked is the button validation checked=true.

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    I am sorry, wrong forum.

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    all your radio button has same id, which is incorrect, that is why your validation fails.
    you have to change the id for your radio button and that should work

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    Yup -- change or remove the ID on the buttons. It'll probably easiest to validate using a reference to the form:

    HTML Code:
    var form = document.getElementById('form_id');
    if (!form.radio_group_name) {
      // alert the user somehow
    ... or something along those lines. And remember that client-side validation is not sufficient in itself! Check everything server-side as well.
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